It is primeval -

the very oldest form

of entertainment

Oral stories have no shackles 

- fluid and impossible to trap

They can

inspire, teach,

soothe, challenge and

 provoke wonder

so what are my stories about? 

well just about anything!

(Within reason)

I draw upon the world’s deep well of mythologies, legends and traditional folk tales handed down by countless generations.


I recount true historical events, including epic feats of endurance and survival. 


My own personal experiences occasionally make an appearance!


And there is sometimes the need to make stories up on the hoof, which, with a little audience help, can be my most badass yarns of them all…

 I can deliver storytelling performances and workshops at:

–  Schools (Primary & Secondary)    Click here for more info

–  Functions and parties (for both children & adults)

–  Festivals & public events 

–  Team building corporate days