• Jake Evans

On the trail of King Arthur...

I've just completed an epic quest around on the back of a noble two wheeled steed.

130 miles, over 3 days following the trail of Shropshire's very own King Arthur legends.

Along the the way I conquered many brutal hills, battled enraged flying ants, wild camped under the stars from ancient hill forts and was met and supported by friends, family and fans.

Many counties claim Arthur belongs to them but not many have a strong an argument as good old Salop! Although it seems highly likely that somebody at least resembling 'Arthur' was genuinely a real person, it is impossible to prove where the legends associated with him actually took place.

However...... I'm pretty convinced that if an Arthur did truly exist he would have ruled the Britons from Shropshire! Lots of evidence supports this theory (some admittedly more tenuous than others) and I've spent a decent chunk of time analysing old maps, historians books and of course visiting the sites of the supposed stories. As a Shropshire Lad it certainly does no harm believing Arthur is from here... perhaps you might like to visit some of the story locations and make up your own minds! This whole project was undertaken to celebrate the 20th birthday of the wonderful Mythstories Museum - the people responsible for introducing me to traditional storytelling as an art-form 10 years ago. Mythstories have supported my storytelling career from the very beginning and I look forward to continuing to collaborate and work with them over the next few years too. If you are interested in hearing Shropshire's Arthur tales in full then please get in contact with either me or Mythstories -

And once you have heard them... go and explore Shropshire's Arthur trail yourselves...


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